Service fuse blown and requiring point of attachment repairs.

CALL 0402 204 662 To Have Your Fuse Replaced

Is your home the only home in the street with the lights out, if it is, it’s a good chance the service fuse has blown. To replace the service fuse A level 2 Authorised Electrician is required.

The fuse fails through age and external circumstance more than a major electrical issue in your wiring. The purpose of the fuse is to protect the network and neighboring properties from electrical surges and shorts.

To have your blown fuses replaced give us a call on 0402 204 662 we have all the certifications and authorisations to ensure your power is restored safely and quickly.

Macquarie Power replaces blown service fuses in the Newcastle, Port Stephens, and Lake Macquarie Areas.

Replacing service fuses