Businesses require the experience of a commercial electrician with level 2 ASP to perform any connection or disconnection to or from the main network. Commercial electrical level 2 projects call for more experience than your typical household electrician and also require specific tooling. Additionally, the experience delivered by Macquarie power ensures the aesthetics and overall operation of your business are not disturbed and awareness of the time factors are considered.

The skilled, professional commercial electricians atQualified Elaectrical trades man 2nd level ASP working on commercial switch board.  Macquarie Power have all the necessary qualifications to perform all level 2 ASP projects in you commercial operation to ensure your safety and success.

We are aware of specific business and industry’s electrical needs including factories to real estates.

Work is completed first time with little disturbance to business safely and efficiently.

MP Ensures your business is protected by providing permits, inspections, and all our approvals are all up to date for your area and industry.

All details are provided for pricing, and any unexpected extra costs are communicated before any work is commenced, allowing you to decide the correct decisions are made concerning your business.

Macquarie Power delivers services to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, and Central Coast Areas